1. Street signage silhouettes - Sydney.

    (Source: miguelmarquezoutside.com)

  2. Example of a reconverted pay phone currently available in a few Sydney locations. 

  3. Shirt placed on a tree - Rozelle, Sydney.


  4. Junk Culture and Journal du Design featured some of my text pieces recently. Have a look if you wish.

  5. Text hung with thread in a local park on the weekend.

    (Source: miguelmarquezoutside.com)

  6. visual-poetry:

    by michael pederson

    (on tumblr)

    Thank you Anatol Knotek for posting one of my wet weather images.

  7. Ashfield, Sydney.

  8. Text attached to various dumped items on the edges of a parkland west of Sydney.

    (Source: miguelmarquezoutside.com)

  9. supersonicart:

    Miguel Marquez.

    Street art by Australian artist Miguel Marquez:

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    Thank you to Supersonic for the recent feature.

  10. Some street sign decorations.

    (Source: miguelmarquezoutside.com)